Why to give money?


"The only good deal consists in using your own money to acquire safe goods, if you can find them, then sitting on them and hatching them like an old hen. . . . "

These are the words pronounced by a character created by the French writer Irène Némirovsky: his name is Stoifer, an old rich man "so much mean that he could seem mad" who "walked tiptoe lifelong to make his shoes last longer"  [from the novel "David Golder", published in 1929].

Such literary hyperbole clearly explains an useless wealth, from which nobody gets advantages, not even who owns it.

Donating produces investments in real safe goods, it is a manner to use money very useful for humans, it causes an enrichment for the community. Giving money to enhance the culture, to improve the social services for people, to protect the environment, to restore the monuments, and to hand down the traditions really means doing something for a better future.



Coin called “quattrino” with the effigy of Charles VI Habsburg, from archaeological excavations in Capiate