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Carsaga is a very ancient location. In fact, archaeological studies and evidences date back  its origins to the proto time.

Cressagum (the ancient name of Carsaga) appears for the first time in an Act published by Emperor Charles III “the Fat” in 880 AD.

Probably this name comes from the Gallic word "cresso" which means "leafy" or "hairy", corresponding to the Latin word "comatus", that Romans utilized to indicate Gallic people. In fact, Gallic people used to wear long hair and bushy beards.

Probably Cressagum was the ancient name of the whole area, while the term  "Capiate" came up later,  in the Lombard period.

Nowadays, the location is included in the Adda-Nord Regional Park. The current layout of the settlement (a farmhouse) dates back to the nineteenth century. The buildings and the adjacent lands belong to Causa Pia D'Adda Foundation.


Considering its location and current use, the formula "holiday on farm" might be developed in this place, in the respect to the Urban Plan of the Municipality of Olginate. The Carsaga farmhouse could become the agricultural hub of the southern territory of Olginate, where all the agricultural activities could be managed all together.

Obviously this is just our idea. Any decision is up to the owners. 

But if should have any advices to give, they are welcome!!! We wait for them and we really thank you!



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