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Aerial image of Capiate taken on 25 September 1944 by an US reconnaissance aircraft

(from National Archives and Records Administration - USA)


Current aerial image of Capiate, from Google Maps



On the maps, Capiate is often represented by a simple dot; sometimes it is not even reported. It is a small village located in the municipal territory of Olginate, near Lecco, 30 miles north of Milan.

However, in spite of its size, Capiate was very significant and important because of  very  interesting events, especially during  the Ancient Age and Middle Ages. Some prominent people, who influenced the history of Lombardy, Italy, and Europe, lived temporarily in Capiate’s village and determined its growth and development.

The Association “Capiate - Radici nel Futuro ONLUS” was established in the year 2012. Its mission is to protect and develop the historical, architectural, cultural and environmental heritage of Capiate.

Statute ConfinesProjects

In Capiate and its surroundings, several monumental  buildings and lands are under Italian legal obligations and restrictions named “Codice dei Beni Culturali e del Paesaggio” (a list of  national Italian laws about Cultural Properties and Landscape Heritage,  precisely Law no. 42,  January 22nd 2004, referring to the current Urban Plan of the Municipality of Olginate).

Some of these monumental buildings and areas are :

                (under construction)




The Association was  founded on December 28th 2012, see the public act n. 60701/7464 - notary Manuela Magaglio - Milan.

The statute was registered  at U.Te. Milano 2 Office, on  March 26th 2013, n. 2865 - series 3

Since March 29th 2013, the Association is  registered at the Italian National List of the No Profit Organizations (NPO), Protocol Number 0035918.

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