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“Causa Pia D’Adda buildings” are next to the Castle of Capiate. They are in bad conditions. They were abandoned  time ago and now they need to be repaired.

The current layout of the buildings dates back to  the eighteenth and nineteenth century. However, some architectural sections are older and they could be interpreted as complementary structures of the adjacent castle. D'Adda family owned this property between Middle Ages and the beginning of the eighteenth century. Count Abbot Ferdinand, the last descendant of Adda family, died in 1808; his will was to leave all his proprierties to a beneficent foundation named Causa Pia D'Adda, still active in Lombardy and owner of some lands and buildings in Capiate area.


View from “IV Novembre” street



These buildings might be used to develop and integrate non-profit and profit future activities, to promote occupational impact and guarantee a revenue-expense balance, according to the model described for the Castle of Capiate.

The ownership is focusing its efforts on turning these buildings into accomodations and connecting them to local facilities in order to positively impacting lands and  municipality revenues.

By the way, if you should have any advice about how to better improve the area, just let us know and we really thank you!




Current situation inside the court

        Detail of the balcony


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