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Before Romans                                                                                           Successiva

About the Ancient Ages, information concerning Capiate and its surrounding area can only come from archaeological research. Fragments of protohistoric pottery were dug up in occasion of the archaeological survey in Carsaga Farmhouse. Similar evidences have been brought to light during recent excavations in Capiate. So, we can affirm that human beings have been living in this area for over 2000 years. Surely, we will be able to know other important information through furthers archaeological researches.

In pre-Roman Times, Capiate was situated beside the important pathway to the northern countries beyond the Alps. Probably, lots of villages were established along this road and some of them were already important in Ancient Ages.

Moreover, the Adda river and the Lake Como represented waterways very utilized for travels and transports. Along the river, close to Capiate, also nowadays there is a place named "Porto", although the lack of docks or similar structures. In that location docking could be easy thanks to level ground and slow stream. Ancient people could have used it as a landing place.

The area of Lombard lakes 4

In yellow and light green the main roads in Roman Times. In orange and dark green, the two major pathways to the northern countries, already used in pre-Roman Times. The red dot indicates Capiate.

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