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In a recent past, a specific analysis about the wall cracks has been carried out, especially for the facade of the church. This activity revealed structural displacements occurred in different ways and with not uniform entity. Generally such problems is due to the heterogeneous characteristics of the ground or inadequate dimensions of the foundations.

In our case, the facade and the eastern wall of the church, built in the second half of the nineteenth century, are precarious because they are not placed on foundation structures but on the ground directly. So, specific actions for consolidation them have to be realized in order to remove their structural deficiency.

The ceiling of the church is a plaster layer fastened to a surface made of winkers weaved together, hanging to wooden beams. Since it is made of organic materials, conservation treatments must be carried out in order to avoid damages caused by parasites or other aggressive agents. Moreover, the adhesion between the plaster and winkers will also be improved through appropriate methods.

The current mural paintings will be removed to bring to light the original nineteenth century decorations that will be restored.

Further actions have to be made as the reinstatement of the floor, the restoration of the exterior plasters and the roof.

As soon as the project is finished, we will be able to determine the cost of all the necessary actions.



Finished - See

 The wooden beams that sustain the ceiling and the frescoed surface of the vault placed on the apse

Archaeological campaign 2007 -2012: the interior of the church with the ancient foundations of the apse


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