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The gate to the Court of Capiate was built in the seventeenth or eighteenth century. Its architectural features, and the fresco, suggest that the family Mornico, who committed the building, wanted to emphasize the importance of the property and the family.

The fresco shows the figures of two saints: on the left St. Peter, on the right Saint Paul. They can be identified thanks to their attributes, the keys for St. Peter, the sword for St. Paul. In the centre, under whitewash, you can glimpse a coat of arms. Two vases containing stylized flowers are represented between the coat of arms and the two saints. Under the arch, the original painted decorations are visible, imitating polychrome marble.

portale 1      portale       portale 2

We must stabilize the plaster and restore the fresco urgently. Also the wooden parts of the roof need to be reinforced. We shall add a boards-plateau, covered with a breathable waterproof membrane, in order to achieve a protective coverage of the frescoes from rain seepage. Above the plateau, the tiles covering will be restored.

The budget amounts to Euro 20.000,00 about. Fondazione Provincia di Lecco ONLUS decided to support us with a contribution of Euro 10.000,00.


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