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The Spini family                                                                     Precedente Successiva

At the beginning of sixteenth century, the properties of Capiate were splitted: the D'Adda family held about 40% of the lands, while the ownership of the remaining 60% was distributed among several subjects, who had purchased from the D'Adda.

The Basilica of St. Nazaro was abandoned and closed in 1577, after the pestilence occurred the previous year. In that period St. Carlo Borromeo encouraged the building of the new parish church in Villa Capiate that, in memory of a such distinguished patronage, changed its name into Villa San Carlo.

Between 1591 and 1595 Francesco Spini bought what remained of the Castle, and about 40 acres of land.

Francesco could be a native of Bergamo or Brescia. He married Aurelia Bellingardi, a rich woman from Lecco, and in that city he managed a smithy which produced iron objects. He owned many properties; among them there was the villa situated in Lecco that would become the house of Alessandro Manzoni in later times. He had got several children, males and females, and several nieces.

Francesco Spini restored the tower completely and enlarged it with new buildings till achieving a comfortable palace. Perhaps he intended to create the house for a son of his. In fact the building activity costed a lot of money also for introducing architectural solutions and elements such as the vaults in the tower and a beautiful loggia at the first floor, with the windows on the southern side.

After his death, the Spini family had no luck. Perhaps some financial problems, or the cost supported for the dowries of the numerous nieces, casted the family into poverty. Some members of it were obligated to live in conditions of indigence.

In the middle of the seventeenth century, after several complex suits, the castle of Capiate, in that moment a comfortable palace, passed from the Spini family to the Mornico one. The argument between Spini and Mornico had begun just for a debt due to an unpaid dowry.

Castle of Capiate: the loggia that Francesco Spini made built

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