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The twentieth century                                                                      Precedente Successiva

In 1901 the last descendent of the Mornico family sold the property of “Villa la Torre” to his tenant Carlo Figini. At that time all the buildings had been intended for houses for the farmers. The owner kept for his use only two rooms situated at the second floor of the tower.

After the purchasing, Carlo Figini intended for rooms for the farmers also the last spaces inside the tower.

In 1928 the municipality of Capiate - established in 1632 – lost its autonomy. It became a part of the municipality of Olginate.

In 1941 the Nobili family from Milan acquired the property and then, after only 11 years, sold it to the current owners.

After the Second World War, the village of Capiate grew rapidly with new houses, industrial factories, roads and modern infrastructures, which now surround on each side the ancient monuments.

The former buildings of the Monastery, the ancient Basilica and the former Castle, do not exist anymore. Only few parts of them are still visible for the careful visitor.

Knowing its history, this place can still tell us about the events of the past, keep the memory alive and convey the local identity.

Capiate and the surrounding area can provide the appropriate climate to perceive traditions and culture.



The modern landscape of Capiate in a winter sunset, taken from the hill of Airuno 4



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