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The Tower is the most emblematic building in Capiate. In comparison with its original arrangement, the actual one is very different  due to the modifications achieved in various historical times. Likely the first edifice was built in the Early Middle Ages over the ruins of a Roman settlement.

Large stone blocks from Roman buildings not localized yet, were utilized in the oldest construction phase. These blocks are clearly visible at the base of the tower walls. Their shapes and characteristics allow us to understand their original structural functions. Observing the masonry carefully we can recognize parts of thresholds, supports for fences, gables, arch elements, and many others. It is remarkable a Roman granite altar, discovered inside a wall.

At the second level, the walls were built using smaller stones and arrow-loops were realised using bricks. This particular kind of windows indicates a defensive function for the tower, just in the Early Middle Ages.

The third level, which corresponds to the last medieval construction phase, shows walls with larger windows. This level was added to the former edifice in order to build a sort of loggia opened on every side: on northern and southern sides there were four windows; on eastern and western ones the windows were two. Now all these windows are occluded but their original frames are still visible. Surely, they were built to ensure ventilation and lighting inside. At that time, the defensive function of the tower was finished or not considered predominant anymore.

The last significant modifications were achieved to turn the tower in an aristocratic and comfortable house, how documents date from the sixteenth century show us. New rectangular-shape windows were opened, which are still used today, and vaults were  realized at every levels of the buildings (nowadays, only the vaults at the first and second floor still exist).


The reinforcement project



                                                                         Details of the tower corresponding to the different construction phases

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