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The families de Bernadigio and de la Turre                                                  Precedente Successiva


Della Torre's coat of arms                              Da Bernareggio's coat of arms




Between A.D. 1309 and A.D. 1312 the Monastery of St. Ambrose handed the whole territories of Capiate, Villa Capiate, Greghentino, and Miglianico, over to Obizzo Bernareggio and Febo Della Torre (B1 on page 7 of the family tree).

In Milan and surroundings, the Ghibellines family of Visconti and the Guelph one of Torriani (or Della Torre) were engaging in the struggle for predominance that however was at its final peak. Likely the Torriani purchased the Castle of Capiate and the adjacent lands in order to improve the control of territory and also acquire assets suitable to enhance the family wealth.

Obizzo Da Bernareggio was a rich owner of lands situated near ​​Vimercate. He was the commander of some Torriani’s troops.

Febo Della Torre was the nephew of the most famous member of the Torriani family, named Napo. Febo was also Cassone’s cousin, the Archbishop of Milan at that time.

Eventually, when the defeated Torriani left Milan (between A.D 1311 and A.D. 1324), Febo went to Trieste and Aquileia, where he bought properties and had important roles. He died in A.D. 1328.

Febo Della Torre is one of the most important ancestors of Princes Thurn und Taxis, also Dukes of Duino, the noble family who still live in the Castle of Duino near Trieste.

After their expulsion from Milan, the Torriani were considered outlaws. Likely Febo lost the property rights in the Duchy of Milan; consequently, Obizzo became the sole owner of the Capiate possession. Last information about Obizzo dates from A.D. 1322, when he conquered Monza. He had at least a child, perhaps a foster-child, named Francesco Foppa Bernareggio. In A.D. 1376 he sold the Capiate possession to the D'Adda family.

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