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The chapel was built in the ​​flooding area of the Adda river. Under this buildings, foundation soil is made up of loamy filled of water and then with low resistance. The chapel, by lateral view, is tilted of about 6 from the vertical axis because of the differential displacements of the ground. During the last maintenance works its roof  was rearranged horizontally, also to improve the static conditions of the building.

Specific restoration actions will be carried out to remedy the various issues.

1) The forward pillars made of bricks are very thin and their tilt could cause the structural collapse. This problem will be solved by inserting a cross-shape structure made of iron inside the frame of the lateral windows.

2) The plaster on the walls is completely deteriorated. It will be removed and replaced with the new plaster obtained by using components suitable for dimension and colour.

3) The problems of the roof can be solve replacing some structural parts made of wood and constructing a wooden planking, protected by a waterproof membrane and covered with the new tiles.

4) To improve the accessibility and dignity inside and around the chapel, a floor will be made using river pebbles.

5) To prevent the detachment of the mural painting, a consolidation action will be made in order to increase the adhesion between the plaster and the wall. Then the painting will be cleaned and restored.




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