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Excavations revealed a complex archaeological stratification concerning the Roman Times and the Early Middle Ages. But we are not able to indicate clearly neither which destination the settlement had in those times, nor when the most ancient buildings were built. So we planned specific analyses in order to acquire further information by scientific investigations. In particular, the research  includes:


- Archaeological soundings in particular positions previously identified by geo-radar investigations

- Anthropological and dating analysis of the skeletons by the "C14" method

- Construction techniques analysis of the tombs

- Analysis of the burials considered "abnormal" because of the position of the skeletons

- Radiometric analysis in order to date ancient bricks

The cost of these analysis is 48,000.00. The Foundation Provincia di Lecco (NGO) supported the research with a contribution of 10,000.00.



Archaeological excavations campaign 2007 - 2012: Image of an excavation sector

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