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Capiate and Villa Capiate                                                                   Precedente Successiva

In the Early Middle Ages Capiate was already an important agricultural settlement. Moreover, the political authorities were located in the Castle. The near village of Villa Capiate – nowadays called Villa San Carlo - was the place where people lived.

Caromano is placed between the two localities mentioned above. Probably, its name comes from the Lombard word Harimann which means "free man/warrior". Likely there was an Arimannia, a guard-house with a commander charged to control the road to Capiate.

This layout dates from the beginnings of Lombard Times, when Lombard warriors settled near the richest and most productive villages and dictated their domination on Roman-Byzantine peasants, who was imposed to pay tributes.

In Lombard Times Capiate and Caromano were authorities locations, while subdued people lived in Villa Capiate. These three places are physically separated by the Greghentino creek: Capiate and Caromano are situated on the southern side, Villa Capiate is on the northern one. Nevertheless, during all the Middle Ages they represented the different urban-social segments of the same community.

The medieval commune of Capiate included also Villa Capiate, Caromano and Carsaga, although documents date from that period don’t quote such administrative union clearly. Anyway, the strong link among these villages lasted until the second half of the fourteenth century, when D'Adda family bought several lands in Capiate surroundings. So Capiate and Caromano began to gravitate towards Olginate, the greatest  possession of the D’Adda that would be become their feud about a century later.



In red, the ancient road to Milan. Near Villa, the intersection with the road to Capiate. The modern road to Milan, closer to Adda river, dates from the Austrian domination of Lombardy.


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