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According to inhabitans of Capiate, the Foppone Chapel is a "memorial place".

The small building situated next to Adda River probably dates back to the nineteenth century. It is also called “The Chapel of the drowned victims” because it was built just where the river gave back the drowned men.

In the last century, religious processions were frequent: people were used to processions from St. Joseph Church to the Chapel, and there they were used to pray. The most important processions concerned  Madonna celebrations; others took place in particular periods of the year, in order to invoke Virgin Mary protection, in case of drought and  excessive rainfall harvest destroying. Even nowadays, that image of the Madonna with Baby Jesus is believed miraculous.

In the mural painting, Madonna  seats on clouds, and  handing out a rosary beads. Baby Jesus, seated on Madonna’s knees, is handing out a rosary too.

At the bottom, the painting is not visible anymore, but we have got an old photography. It shows a shipwreck: a small upturned boat, two men flailing in the river and a third man, kneeled on the shore, invoking the Virgin Mary.

The Association project aims to restore the floor, the walls and the roof, and to improve its accessibility and utilization. Furthermore all  the mural paintings will be restored.

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