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The St. Joseph church is a small chapel built in 1874. Its apse partially overlaps the more ancient St. Nazaro Basilica one. In Capiate this chapel was the only religious edifice until the 70s of the last century when the new church dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima was built.

The master-builder Pietro Amigoni was charged to build the St. Joseph church. He demolished about half of the apse of the medieval basilica in order to obtain a location for the altar of the new church. With a singular architectural solution he could eliminate part of the wall without damages for the vault placed on the apse.

Through a small window recently opened, ancient frescoes have been discovered on the remaining part of the apse and the vault placed on it.

The St. Joseph church has been acquired as an extended loan. The Association aims to restore it and provide for its reopening for religious ceremonies.


The restoration projectFinished - See

The interior of the church before the recent excavation campaigns.


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