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The Association carries out studies and researches indispensable for the protection, conservation and enhancement of the cultural assets that are put under public protection and also for guaranteeing the public use of properties it acquired as extended loans.

The Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape (Legislative Decree 22 January 2004, n. 42) explains that the deep knowledge of the cultural heritage is the precondition for its protection; its enhancement can be achieved through the improvement and advancement of knowledge; its conservation can be ensured through a detailed program of study, prevention, maintenance and restoration activities.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge, a first campaign of investigations took place under the tower and the floor of the former Basilica of San Nazaro. Archaeological excavations brought to light parts of walls, floors and architectural elements attributable to the Roman Times and parts of a wide medieval necropolis. In addition, archival data and information have already been gathered in order to improve the definition of buildings stratification through documentary proofs.

But our knowledge is not sufficient yet. We need to acquire more information about the history and the characteristics of the most ancient parts of the buildings. Such important elements can drive us to the best project choices.

We are working for researches aimed to improve the knowledge of assets like the Castle, the Basilica of St. Nazaro and the medieval necropolis.


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Archaeological excavations campaign 2007 - 2012: Image of an excavation sector



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