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During the Early Middle Ages, a  political authority lived  in the Castle of Capiate (nowadays also known as St. Ambrose Court), dominating local people and lands.

Recent archaeological studies and escavations just at the bottom of the Tower and under the floor of the former St. Nazaro Basilica have revealed the original sections of Roman walls and portions of a wide medieval necropolis.


The Association, having recently bought some parts of this property by means of a free loan, will create a public museum (including the  Tower and St. Nazaro Basilica).

It will promote various educational projects to allow visitors to understand the history of Capiate, and its archaeological discovers.

The small St. Joseph Oratory, partially overlapping the ancient apse of St. Nazaro Basilica, will be restored and opened again to religious ceremonies.

 The Association will build tourist accommodations to facilitate   "farmhouse holidays"; people can go there and spent peaceful days within a magic medieval atmosphere and an  agricultural  environment;  other profitable activities will be opened: for example restaurants.

Non-profit and profit activities will be integrated in order to guarantee the revenue-expense balance.

More precisely, the Association is developing these following projects:

Restoration of St. Joseph Church

Archeological excavations and historical resarches

Structural reinforcement of the Tower


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